How To Choose The Right Hardwood Floor

Homeowners ready to add an elegant touch of style and durability to their homes should consider replacing their current flooring with hardwood.  In addition to their timeless beauty and rustic sophistication, hardwood floors can actually make cleaning your home a lot easier. Hardwood floors in salt lake city ut typically raise property value significantly, which is why they are frequently a choice for contractors who renovate and flip houses.  These professionals know that installing a hardwood floor is the best way to keep a home looking and functioning at its best.

Consider the following design options if you are thinking about replacing your current flooring material with hardwood.

Of Wood

There is a hardwood floor choice for many species of wood.  Choosing a particular species will depend on how your design aesthetic, your desired level of quality and protection, and of course – your budget.

Hickory, oak, maple, and walnut are among the most popular choices for hardwood flooring.

Each is incredibly durable, making it great for homes with heavy foot or pet traffic.

Choices & Grain Options

Every hardwood floor will have a particular natural coloring and grain design.  Some grains are symmetric and uniform in their designs, while others present more chaotic patterns and patches.

The right color and grain should be chosen to match the desired atmosphere or intention of a room.  Additionally, consider choosing a floor that will not clash with already installed features, furniture, or wall decorations.

Installation And Warranty

There is no shame in choosing a hardwood floor based on its warranty and installation options.  Installing a new floor is no small task or investment, and it is important to ensure that there is someone who can repair it quickly and efficiently if damage should occur.

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